...and my equipment.



Close-up of the mounting.

New pier! It is supported independent of the deck, so walking on the deck doesn't shake the mount.

June, 2017.

Me and the new scope on my deck after an early-morning attempt at Saturn. Me, with Jupiter in the palm of my hand...Cheezy, yes. My current setup. April, '07. This photo gives you a good idea of how much light pollution I have to deal with in about the darkest place I have available nearby, a local golf course.
  This was soon after I got the new telescope. The paper around the end of the scope was an early attempt at a dew/glare shield. My first autoguiding setup with my 10 year old K-Mart special mounted piggy-backed for guidance. It worked - barely. Winter, '07.  
The old telescope with a 135mm lens piggybacked for wide-angle photos. It's a lot of weight for that scope to carry.   This is me trying to get some pictures of Mercury just after sunset on 6/27/05. It was so low to the horizon, though, that it was too blurry to get any keep-able pictures.